December 2020 – Ship Inspection & Repair Planning

For a planned repair on board of 4 container vessels, we received the order to visit one of the sister ships in the Port of Rotterdam to prepare a procedure for carrying out the repairs during normal cargo operations. Together with the crew, we checked the conditions on board and planned the exact workflow. The planning will now be realized by our client after the required materials have been delivered on obard and we would be happy to support the entire repair process further with our supervision.

July 2020 – Various Ship Inspections

We carried out several ship inspections in the fleet for a well-known tanker company. The aim was to assess the condition of the vessels and the performance of the crew and to reveal potential for improvements. With the support of the excellent crews of the ships, this contract was completed to the full satisfaction of the management and we are now looking forward to follow-up orders.

February 2020 – Repair Supervision and Accident Investigation

One of our customers’ ships suffered considerable damage to a windlass at the beginning of February. The extend of the damage made an immediate repair necessary. We received the order to supervise the dismantling and troubleshooting conducted by a specialist company in the port of Rotterdam. In addition, we carried out the accident investigation on board together with the crew. After a 5-day stay in Rotterdam, the ship was able to leave Rotterdam with a fully functional windlass again.

January – October 2020

Our company was chosen by a large Hamburg cargo shipper to provide consultancy services to the technical department of its own tanker fleet. The focus of this long-term contract is on the optimization of operational procedures, the digitization of processes, the introduction of a purchasing program and the development of processes for the EU Ship Recycling Regulation (IHM Maintenance). We are looking forward to this interesting project and are thankful for the trust placed in us!

July – November 2019

The contract for providing Fleet Management services to a Hamburg based shipping company was extended for another 5 months. We are looking forward to the continuation of this good and trustful cooperation!

October 2019 – Fleet agreement for the creation of IHM documentation

A contract for the creation of the IHM documents for a fleet of 24 vessels by PROMARIS has been signed. The Bremen based shipping company operates various tankers and dry cargo ships in worldwide trade. Preparations of the Visual Check and Sampling Plans are currently ongoing and from November, sampling will start on board. We are thankful for the confidence in PROMARIS and TSS Marine work and look forward to a successful cooperation!

October 2019 – First contracts for IHM Documentation

We are proud to have concluded the first contract for the creation of IHM documents by PROMARIS with a shipowner from Schleswig-Holstein. In the next weeks, 4 ships will be sampled for the possible existance of hazardous substances, the samples will be analyzed in the laboratory and the results will be incorporated in the IHM document. Then we submit the documents for verification to DNVGL. At present, further negotiations are ongoing with various shipping companies and we look forward to close further contracts soon.

August 2019 – Cooperation with PROMARIS

The Croatian engineering company PROMARIS – recognized expert for new and conversion projects in shipyards worldwide – also for German clients. After training and certification by DNVGL PROMARIS is now also recognized HAZMAT Expert for the preparation of the IHM documentation. We look forward to the cooperation and the expansion of our service portfolio through the newly founded cooperation!

For more information about PROMARIS click here

August 2019 – Delivery of ProTXcoat Kits

We supplied ProTXcoat Repair Kits for new buildings to various Bremen shipping companies. In total 4 Tanker Kits and 2 Kits No. 3 are now available for repairs aboard these new vessels.


June 2019 – Damage Survey

For a well-known Survey Company in Hamburg, TSS Marine inspected the damage to a propeller system of a MPP vessel in the dry dock of Bredo in Bremerhaven. Supported by the crew, we captured details of the cause of the damage and compiled documents and pictures for the insurer.